The Horn of Hermes is a Level 2 Treasure of the Satyrs.

Overview Edit

Made of brass, this tarnished treasure looks like a helicon, or a large tuba. Its surface has pock-marks and the insignia of winged boots, Hermes' sigil. Hermes served as messenger of the Unseelie fae of Olympus and was known among mortals as the patron of travelers. He and Dionysus developed a friendship and after Hera's second attempt on Dionysus' life, Hermes gave him the horn.

The Horn is carried with one arm through the circle and rests on the shoulder. When blown, it lets the bearer travel with incredible speed, as with Primal 2, Quicksilver. Anyone who sees this notices only a blur and flash of bronze, though they also hear the resounding "oompah-pah" of the tuba receding in the distance.

The bearer doesn't need to know how to make beautiful music on the horn but they must be able to blow hard enough into it to make a sound or it doesn't work. The Horn weighs about 15 pounds but its size and shape make it somewhat cumbersome.

(While this appears to be a legendary Treasure, one could assume the satyrs have found ways to replicate it.)

References Edit

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