Homstrom (February 3rd) is a festival unique to the Kithain of the Council of the White Mountain in the Galacian Confederation.

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While this holiday is only celebrated locally, it attracts changelings from all around the world, of every kith and political outlook. Following Imbolc, it is a recognition of the coming of Spring. Along with a great feast, the celebrants also burn little figures made of straw, winter flowers, and evergreen. These figures usually represent the Green Man or Flora, goddess of spring. In radical Unseelie circles the commoners burn straw effigies of nobles instead. They also enjoy dancing, winter sports, and making music around the Balefire. Eshu often choose to tell their new stories at this time as well, especially with springtime themes. Where mortals celebrate the holiday the fae join in.

References Edit

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Changeling: The Dreaming Festivals


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