Homo sapiens sapiens (wise wise (very wise?) man) is the standard Scientific classification designation for baseline humanity. Until the Galatea explosion, they are considered the only surviving member of the Homo sapiens species. So much so that using the Homo sapiens species name is generally acceptable when referring to the sapiens subspecies.

History Edit

Humans have existed as such for roughly 150,000 years, and continue exist to the present day. It has spawned at least two separate subspecies, Homo sapiens novus and Homo sapiens mentis, discovered in 1998 and 2102, respectively. These times coincide with a large upswing in each subspecies respective populations. However, both subspecies have existed at least as early as the beginning of the Inspiration Age, although this is not widely known.

It's uncertain if paramorphs also qualify as a genetically distinct subspecies, or are merely a scientific curiosity.

This article is seperated from mortal in the sense of the humans of the Chronicles of Darkness Classic World of Darkness, Exalted and Scion, as many of the supernatural creatures from those settings are genetically indistinguishable from humanity.
As the Trinity Universe is a science-fiction setting, there are genetic differences between different character types, so that's the angle from which this article is written.