The Homid form of the Ananasi, is the closest analog the that changing breed have to the Homid form of the other Fera. Despite using the same term, the Ananasi version is however quite special. It is the breed form of Homid born Ananasi.

Characteristics Edit

Despite the name of the form and that the Ananasi looks like a normal human being, she is not. A medical examination will reveal the fangs, that she actually has a mixture of normal hemoglobin (iron based) blood and hemocyanin (copper based) hemolymph in her veins. This somewhat purple mixture is called "ichor", and is present in all her forms except Crawlerling. This form also have a few other strange organs, like venom glands, and can extend spider fangs from the mouth to drink blood or inject venom. Most Ananasi avoid doctors and dentists to not risk lifting the veil.

The fangs of an Ananasi in Homid form are not mammal canine teeth, but rather spider chelicerae fangs, hollowed to allow injection of venom or draining of blood. They are usually not visible, so the Ananasi is free to shout and smile without risking to show them, but a closer look at the inside of their mouth can reveal them.

A few Ananasi have a Homid form that is indistinguishable from normal humans, as long as they do not do something strange, like unsheathe their fangs.

This form is mostly used to be social with humans, vampires, and others in a non-threatening manner, as well as pretending to be a ordinary human or a vampire.

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