Hollow Heart Caern is the replacement center and primary base for all Garou operations in the Amazon.


The Hollow Heart is a caern of Awareness of the Brazilian rainforest. It is multi-tribal and the headquarters for the North Ward, with Golgol Fangs-First as the de facto leader. The caern is located in a forest clearing east of the Rio Negro, north of Manaus. The totem of Hollow Heart is the Tree Frog.

It was originally a dormant Uktena caern. Since it has been awakened in 1987, the place has become the center of all Garou activity in the Amazon and contains the reception point for all incoming warriors from Moon Bridges across the world. It is the primary base for logistics, ammunition, and weapon storage and the most well stocked area for hospital supplies and medical care. The North Ward is stationed in the Hollow Heart caern.

The caern is constant target of Pentex attacks. So far, it has sustained its existence and avoided destruction. The caern is surrounded by harsh, unexplored woodlands. The caern Totem, the Tree Frog, is adept of camouflage and lends its ability to the place. The caern is hard to find for those who have never been there, and also have the rite of the Shrouded Glen cast upon it.

It is a level 4 caern, cared for and controlled by the War Council, the circle of elders, and has a gauntlet of 3. In 1993, Ioba Fareye arrived to join her pack there. Tanzut is a member as well.


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