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HoL: Human Occupied Landfill (also known as HoL or HōL) is a game created by Dirt Merchant Games and released by Black Dog Game Factory. A parody of several other well-known role-playing games (including Vampire: The Masquerade), HoL is about the struggle for survival on a remote penal colony.


HoL is divided into two main portions:

Killing Things

The Confederation of Worlds (C.O.W.) is a vast alliance of planets and franchises, ruled over by Emperor Rupert IX, and Megapope Rashneesh "Big Stevie" Zimmerman. Like any respectable confederation, C.O.W. needs a place to dump the troublemakers, criminals, and telemarketers that infest their (more-or-less) peaceful way of life. That place is HoL. Not only is it a dumping place for people, but also for trash ranging from lint to nuclear waste. The goal of HoL is to survive and find your way off the planet. And blow a lot of things up along the way.

Also in this section are rules for rolling (using d6s), combat, stats and skills, and absolutely no character generation. Sorry, you have to buy the expansion if you want to do that. Stupid rip-off gaming companies...anyway, there are many lovely pre-made characters for your convenience. Ever wanted to play a chronicle as The King? Well, now you can.

Things That Can Kill You

This section is exclusively for the HoLmeister, and details the history of C.O.W. and HoL, dealing out experience points, enemies and factions, and areas of HoL. There, now the players don't need to peek ahead. They will anyway, but we can't do anything about that. We just write the summaries.

Background Information

Black Dog's version is one of three. The original edition was published by Dirt Merchant themselves in 1994 and is extremely rare. Black Dog's came next in 1995, and has since gone out of print. HoL was reprinted by The Cabil in 2002, and is still available. The Cabil version also boasts four new pages.

The entire book is handwritten.

Memorable Quotes

"Warning: Do NOT read further if you are offended by the following sentence:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog; what a fuckin' asshole."

--The Disclaimer

"A spoon does not a parry make"

--Rules explanations.



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