A hive is a term used to describe a werewolf caern of Black Spiral Dancers.


Just as the garou have caerns, Black Spiral Dancers thrive in Hives, whether they’re toxic hellholes no one would dare approach or subterranean tunnels hidden from vigilant enemies. The tribe has its own camps, rituals, and moots, many of which are dedicated to the three hydra heads of the Triatic Wyrm and its many subservient Urges. Public ordeals of victimization and orgiastic rites are common. Despite this, a Black Spiral pack can choose to remain isolated from the rest of the tribe almost anywhere, as long as they faithfully obey the whispered commands of the Wyrm.

Hives are usually connected to spiritual corruption as a garou caern is to the energy of Gaia. Rumors speak of vast networks of underground labyrinths that extend into the spirit world, connecting one hive to another. Here the wan light of balefire illuminates blasphemous rites and demented moots, with weird and forgotten creatures from the bowels of the Earth moving among the polluted garou. Heaven help the humans dragged down from above to feature as entertainment, spiritual offering, or food for the gathering — or all three.

Many Black Spiral Hives have several Scryers (a weak type of bane), under the wing of their caern’s Bane totem.


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