Histpah are Liar-Kings, Wyrm-corrupted Bastet


The Bastet are Gaia’s eyes, hunting out secrets in hidden places, guided by their cunning and grace to enter the darkness and emerge triumphant. The werecats are Gaia’s beautiful, proud children. They were born last of the shapeshifters and embody perfection. The Bastet play a coy game with Cahlash, the Father of Night and Author of Mysteries, following him into the unknown but always keeping themselves aloof and in control. The Garou call Cahlash the Wyrm, the embodiment of corruption. The Bastet know better. Cahlash is the ancient embodiment of the Balance Wyrm, not the modern, lesser, form. This vanity is the Bastet’s greatest downfall; though the cats believe they have control, with every venture into the darkness the Wyrm tempts them with the promise of the greatest secret of all. Every triumphant return brings with it the possibility that the Bastet has opened her eyes to the truth and joined the ranks of the Histpah. The most curious Bastet discover the final obstacle to unlocking Cahlash’s truth is to bind an unbreakable geas into the essence of their being to never reveal a secret’s answer. Thus over-curious Bastet willingly corrupt their Gaia-given purpose.


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