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Hispo is the near-wolf form of the Garou. It can be described as a massive wolf of nightmare, a throwback to prehistoric days when the dire wolves were the size of ponies. It’s a form designed to hunt and kill.


The primal nightmare of ancient man, a Hispo werewolf recalls the titanic dire wolves that ran wild in the Impergium. Only slightly smaller than Crinos form Garou, the Hispo shape boasts extra-large teeth for additional biting damage. While it can stand briefly on two legs, this form is essentially a four-legged beast. Although it has no hands and cannot speak (save a few words in the Garou tongue), the primal wolf has keen senses and amazing speed.


  • The Hispo form is clearly inspired by the design of the werewolf from An American Werewolf in London (1981). This form is jokingly referred to as "The Papa Bear" in The Werewolf's Guide to Life: A Manual for the Newly Bitten by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers (2009).
  • The Hispo form is also based on misconceptions of the Dire Wolf by early Fantasy Authors and Roleplaying Writers (Dungeons & Dragons) to just mean "Giant Animal or Wolf" rather than the actual Latin meaning of "fearful” or “ominous".
  • The Dire Wolf is now considered as a wolf-like canid rather than a wolf and its new proposed genus is "Aenocyon".
  • The habitat of the Dire Wolf was North America, South America, and eastern Asia.
  • Hispo might be derived from the Latin "hispidus", which means "to bristle."