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Hiro Yamazaki is a Pentex executive, part of its Board of Directors.


Yamazaki was the first non-white man to be appointed to Pentex Board of Directors. Discovered by the Urge Wyrm of Desire, he was a prosperous businessman in his late 60s who dealt in black market exotics, such as specimens of endangered species, designer drugs, and military equipment, especially computers and software.

Yamazaki was a major leader in the Yakuza, with connections to the oriental vampires known as Gaki, and he still holds much influence over all that goes on in Japan. He is a practitioner of various styles of karate, and the Wyrm has awarded him a number of gifts, making him a formidable fighter few opponents could physically defeat.

For what seemed like the longest time, ill fortune plagued Yamazaki. The fall in Japanese markets, catastrophically unsuccessful negotiations with the Gaki, his failure to secure any of the Cambodian Killing Fields for experimentation, and the lack of results from Project Odyssey all signaled a death knell for the Japanese business magnate. He saw his colleagues Kiker and Stern fall to the wayside and could see his doom fast approaching.

Then Project Aeneid experienced a massive success and plucked his ass out of the fire at the last possible moment. Yamazaki now stands strong. He has got prisons full of fanatical psychics at his command, and is working on a way to apply Project Aeneid to American "patriots" who are already hopelessly addicted to Magadon's drugs and the booze made by King Distilleries.

Version DifferencesEdit

In W20 "Hiro" Yamazaki was called "Kiro" Yamazaki.


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