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The Hirayanu are the animalistic "commoners" of the Hsien.



The commoners of the Shinma, their tasks include completing quests, answering human prayers, and serving as messengers for the Kamuii. Rather than feeling they are second-class citizens, however, most hirayanu consider their role in Hsien society to be decreed by T'ien Ming: the Mandate of Heaven. The neither deny nor mope about their destinies, rather living them to the fullest. They have a lesser connection to one of the Elements than do the Kamuii.

Each of the Hirayanu kwannon-jin has the ability to turn into a particular animal. These animal forms have no special powers, though they maintain their Mental Attributes and can communicate with their particular species. They are usually excellent specimens of their kind... being exceptionally sleek or long-tailed and thick-furred.


  • Fu Hsi - Snake fae of the Wood Element with a love of puzzles.
  • Hanumen - Monkey fae of the Earth Element with a gift for soothing moods.
  • Heng Po - Fish fae of the Water Element in no hurry to find the things they look for.
  • Nyan - Cat fae of the Fire Element with a knack for being around others.
  • Tanuki - Badger fae of the Metal Element and great warriors.


Changeling: The Dreaming Hsien

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