Hin is the title of Kuei-jin that have been pulled out of the chih-mei state, but who have not yet become part of Kuei-jin society. Cainites are often regarded as hin.


Hin have no rights and are non-persons to the rest of the Court. While they are not destroyed on sight and most members of the Court devote some time to teach them the basics of their new existence, it takes often years before they are officially reckognized. In the old nights, this training process might last a full 24 years (two cycles of the zodiac); in the Fifth Age, expediency is paramount, and few initiations last longer than five years. The Ancestors take great care that all hin have agreeable traits, like respect for tradition. Hin who demonstrate stubbornness, disobedience or ineptitude are quickly winnowed out.

The continued existence of a hin hangs on their ability to adapt to Kuei-jin society. During this time, the Hin choses a Dharma in which he seeks instruction. The most talented attract mentors that offer further tutorship in Disciplines and similar arts.

Hin are traditionally reckognized at the Test of Water and Fire, during the 23th day of the Month of the Dragon. During this test, the hin must demonstrate what he has learned to the assembled Court, proving subtlety and his greatest area of expertise. If the Hin passes, the Ancestors of the Court assign him a direction and elevate him to the rank of Disciple, allowing him to find his place within a wu. If they fail, they are cut down.


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