Hilel Al-Masaari was the sultan of Cordoba during the Almohad regime.


Hilel was one of the first Assamites that converted to Islam and led the Assamite expansion that followed the spread of Islam. Once one of the main candidates for the post of Caliph, Hilel fell victim to political machinations and was stuck up in Cordoba, a city that didn't suited his warrior spirit at all. Unable to surrender his princedom because of political enemies within Alamut, Hilel ruled his city absently, usually relying on the Vizier Caste of his Clan to manage local affairs. Hilel himself preferred following Islamic conquests against the last bastions of Christianity within Iberia and when the Shadow Reconquista began, he was unwilling to leave his city behind and met Final Death during the siege of Cordoba in the last stages of the conflict.

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