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Hilda McAndrews is the Toreador Primogen of Boston and the sire of Emem, one of the protagonists in the video game Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong.


A backroom-dealing, widely connected Diva with a background in artistry, unusually academic and discreet for a member of her clan, seized her place. MacAndrews took the initiative and receives the respect of all culture-addicts and creative types for her power grab occurred among Boston’s vampires, not for praxis, but for positions on the Primogen Council. Some members retained the positions they held previously, under King, while others ascended to new seats of power.

The relationship between Hilda and her Childe has soured over the years but she still seems to care for Emem. Hilda's position within the Primogen council means she is often at odds with Prince Hazel Iversen.



  • Boston by Night