High Clan

High Clan refers to a set of vampire clans from Dark Ages: Vampire that considered themselves superior to the other clans, whom they call the Low Clans. Many members of the High Clans were in fact influential in politics and religion and made many of the large changes that ruled in favor of the Kindred possible.

The High Clans were:

  • Brujah - They have not yet succumbed to the Beast, and still hold much of their learned and lordly presence.
  • Cappadocian - The most scholarly of the clans, they also serve as advisors to those in power as they have more interest in death than in worldly things.
  • Lasombra - Highly positioned in both nobility and the church, the Lasombra rule over those they consider inferior, which is pretty much everyone.
  • Toreador - They rejoice in beauty and luxury, which alas is rarely free. Fortunately, they somehow manage to keep themselves in money and power.
  • Tzimisce - No one rules by fear as effectively and efficiently as a Tzimisce. Just ask most of Eastern Europe.
  • Ventrue - As they are considered the noblest (however begrudgingly) of the vampires, their presence in the High Clans is considered a given.
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