The Hierophants or Eternals are the leaders of the Followers of Set in the absence of their founder. They are historically noted to be the oldest of their clan, who have known Set personally and acted as his stewards in the temples dedicated to the god.


The Hierophants were called into being after Tanis had sunken beneath the Nile and Set had vanished from his sarcophagus in Ombos in 33 CE. These vampires became the ruling body of the Clan, and decided on behalf of their founder in all important decisions – like the ones concerning joining the nascent Camarilla or the Proclamation of Red Tears.

Power struggles between various Hierophants were common and despite sharing the same goals, many Hierophants have very different ideas how to achieve them (for example if non-Egyptians should be allowed to receive the Embrace).

Since many of the original Hierophants have entered torpor, the office now often rests in the hands of their childer. Founding Temples at locations like El Kharga[1] and Faiyum[2] rest under the supervision of descendants of their original founders. The torpid Elders are often revered and sought out for spiritual advice (through prophecies or dreams) by Clan members.

Known HierophantsEdit

There was a total of thirteen Hierophants. Seven of them were active during their foundation, while six others lie still in torpor in sunken Tanis. Over the years, many more fell into slumber, but it is rumored that the eldest of them still guide the Clan, hidden in their tombs in the Great Temples.

The few Hierophants known by name are:


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