Among the Guardians of the Veil, there is a prophecy that foretells the arrival of the Hieromagus. Guardians believe that once enough Awakened souls are sufficiently tested, they will give birth to the Hieromagus. The order applies ordeals to mages and encourages the wisest gather together so that, one day, their work will bring forth the greatest mage of all, who will forgive them their transgressions and absolve them from their crimes. All members of the order agree that the Hieromagus will never suffer Paradoxes; his soul will be an indestructible bridge between the Realms Supernal and the Fallen World. He will manifest Supernal power so strongly that the Quiescence cannot stand before it. Gathering mages into a grand council, he will lead them to overthrow the Exarchs, and will foster five bloodlines to restore the Atlantean kings of old. To this end, the Guardians try to protect the last vestiges of the Supernal and defend the orders from their own Hubris.

Sadly, false Hieromagi have arisen throughout history, so this tenet is not as well protected as others. Most of the false Hieromagi have been killed and their followers have either repented or died with the lie in their hearts. The only known surviving heresy is the Basilideans.

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