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The mages of the Silver Ladder dream to build Hieraconis, a new city of awakened. There are many names — Tianguo, Shambhala-lokha, the City of God in Man — and none is considered more authoritative than the other, but Hieraconis is the best known. Its people - sleepers and awakened alike - will successfully bridge the gap between the Fallen and Supernal Worlds, destroying the dualism of ages and freeing all humanity from pain, sorrow and want. All thought is magical; men and women create universes as works of art and none can be harmed or forced to do anything against their will.

Of course, this is a dream and it is far away, but the order believes that once they have gathered enough mages and stormed the citadels of the Exarchs, that their vision will become truth and surpass even Atlantis.


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