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The Heretic is the only one of the Arisen ever to reach Apotheosis, regarded by other mummies as variously a boogeyman, a guru, or a traitor to the gods of Irem.[1]

The Heretic has published a text, Dreams of Avarice, that he purports to be a manual on apotheosis and the secret history of the Arisen. He rescued an American covert ops agent, Hani Youssef, to help him translate it into English so that it might spread more easily.[2] The text is a mix of the Heretic's own biography and sacred writings he attributes to Azar, Anpu and Sutekh.

Accord to Dreams of Avarice, the Heretic was the son of traveling tax collectors and a member of the Sesha-Hebsu in life. He knew he was complicit in Irem's atrocities, but he felt bound to the laws of the Shan'iatu and did nothing about it. He personally delivered the order from the Shan'iatu to execute Irem's slaves, the mass sacrifice that fueled the Rite of Return, and became a mummy with the Decree of Sheut.

Over his many Descents — he claims 216 — he became obsessed with preserving his memory, and increasingly disillusioned with the laws he once enforced. He eventually found a mentor and changed his Guild to the Su-Menet, but this did not bring him long-term peace. Eventually he received though automatic writing a text he attributes to Azar, which declares the importance of Will over the Judges, and on that basis he determined how to achieve Apotheosis.[3]


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