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Heresies of the Way relates the history and style of the heretical Dharma introduced in Kindred of the East Rulebook.


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The Mad Dance
For centuries, the Quincunx has advocated its truths as absolute and without peer, destroying all those who would refute its ways. For centuries, however, a handful of dharmas have survived the Quincunx's tyranny, following belief structures alien to the Middle Kingdom. Now, with the Sixth Age nigh, the so-called heretical dharmas grow in strength. Do they herald an even darker future or are they merely tools of the Akuma?
Five Little Dancers
Heresies of the Way is a Kindred of the East sourcebook dealing with the heretical dharmas and their motivations. In addition to offering greater information on their histories, abilities and outlooks, this sourcebook deals with a brand-new dharma: The Scorpion Eaters. Heresies of the Way also ties into Year of the Damned by presenting five dharmas that have sacrificed much for power - and survival.



Chapter One: The Flame of the Rising Phoenix

Chapter Two: The Tempest of the Inward Focus

Chapter Three: The Face of the Gods

Chapter Four: The Spirit of the Living Earth

Chapter Five: The Scorpion Eaters

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