Henri Remillard is a Seelie Satyr Grump and founder of the Society of Telemachus.

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Henri Remillard

A veteran of the academic wars if the East Coast, Henri, (a.k.a. Honerius) bounced from school to school in non-tenure track positions for years. It wasn't until nine years after he received his PhD that he landed at UC-Berkeley's Philosophy Department which he discovered, to his delight, was chock-full of satyrs and other Kithain. Unlike most graduate programs, which tend to smother their students in devastating Banality, Berkeley actually encouraged them to blossom as individuals! It was thirty years ago that Honerius came to this conclusion, and the Society of Telemachus is his work, dedicated to preserving the spark of creative individuality in every student no matter how Banal they might seen at first. His comrades have passed on or succumbed to Banality but Henri remains as spry and as argumentative as ever. With a tongue like a sword and a wit like a scythe, he is the trendsetter in Berkeley's ivy-covered halls. His voice is respected in town matters as well, and not just because of the sheer volume.

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A man of medium height with curly white hair and a thick beard, Henri dresses in prototypical wacky professor garb: jams, t-shirts, and sandals in his mortal seeming. Thick glasses complete the look and he can often be seen running his sausage-like fingers through his hair or beard while mumbling vague philosophical points to himself.

In his fae mien, his true shame becomes known: a creeping case of mange. His horns seem to curve back and in to draw attention to the problem, and any mention of it drives him insane with anger and embarrassment. Of course, he constantly asks everyone he meets "Is it (the bald patch) getting bigger?" Pity the fool who answers yes.

Personal Edit

Honerius questions everything. If some says, "The sky is blue," his response will be A) "Do you really think so?" B) "So that's what you call blue," or C) "Is that really pertinent to the discussion at hand?" However, his purpose is to spark debate and cause people to question all of their assumptions, not to simply annoy. He takes Socrates' notion of the societal gadfly and makes it his own. After all, Socrates probably stole it from one of Honerius' ancestors.

References Edit

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