The Hell of Spiked Chains was one of the Yomi Realms around the 12th century ruled by Yama King Dokhor-Khan. It was later annexed by several other Yama Kings after the Treaty of the Quincunx and the loss of Mongol supremacy in China.


The Hell of Spiked Chains was a vast, flat plain inhabited by the souls of mortals that had died in the steppes. Each of these souls were assigned to a tribe at random by the Yama King, who periodically chose one of these tribes as his favoured. All other tribes were stricken of one of their senses (or limbs) and had to obey the favoured tribe in all things. If they disobeyed, or one of the Favoured felt like it, they were put to the tortures of the Spiked Chain. Victims were bound with yomi-forged thorned iron chains and hung from the stalactites of a great cave for a unspecified period of time. Each time the victims struggled, the thorns would bite themselves deeper into their essence, feeding the Yama King.

The Hell of Spiked Chains, however, did not survive into the Fifth Age. After the creation of the Quincunx, the Kuei-jin attacked the holdings of Dokhor-Khan in the former territories of the Black Tortoise Court, severing him from his input of Tainted Chi, which allowed his rivals, among them Rangda and Tou Mu, to destroy him and add parts of the former Hell to their own territories.


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