Hell's Hand Hive


Amazon Rainforest


Black Spiral Dancers

Hell's Hand Hive is a Hive located in the Amazon.[1]


Located near Anama is the Hive of Hell's Hand. Once, this area held three Balam Den-Realms. Then the Black Spiral Dancers came, pushing them out and destroying both the Umbral and physical Balam territory. The Black Spiral Dancers now call this recently destroyed land home. This place is now barren of all life. There is no beauty here and the mere sight of it is enough to rack the soul with hollow sobs. It stinks of the Wyrm and its corruption. Most of the activity of the Black Spiral Dancers who now inhabit this place is carried out underground. There is an extensive network of tunnels just below the surface extending over an area of several miles. No light ever spills inside the blackness of their tunnels. The Black Spiral prefer to rest by day and come out under the cover of darkness. The tunnels have flooded often, drowning some Black Spirals. The swampy soil cannot support too much digging. This has not prevented them from continued burrowing, however. Their madness will not allow them to abandon such futile tasks. There are no trails in the area to prove any movement takes place. The only visible difference between this area and the surrounding forest is the blatant chemical desolation.


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