Helios is a Celestine and an embodiment of Earth's Sun. In contrast to his sister Luna, he gives his blessing only to a few selected Fera.


Garou glyph for Helios.

As a Celestine, Helios's existence is tied to the actual sun. His home is within the Aetherial Realm; however, no changer could dwell on his surface. The Incarna of Helios is named Katanka-Sonnak, according to Garou astrology.

Helios is in most cases affiliated with aerial spirits, such as the Corax, who claim his favor, or Falcon, the tribal totem of the Silver Fangs. However, he withheld his favor to the Garou after the massacres of the War of Rage and only teaches few gifts to them - apparently, the Uktena and Wendigo hold a better standard before Helios compared to other Garou, and some sources claim the same for the Children of Gaia as well. Helios was also worshipped by the early Mokolé during the Age of Kings. He has not withdrawn his favor to them, and to this day, the weredragons honor him. Those patronized by Helios - the Corax and Mokolé - are vulnerable to gold, just as those patronized by Luna are vulnerable to silver.

The area of the Deep Umbra that houses Helios is nothing but heat and brilliant white light. Bridges made up of reddish light similar to solar flares lead across deep chasms filled with superheated atomized elements. Fire elemental Incarnae dwell here, bright and cheerful, yet charged to defend the realm against intruders. They will attack any werewolves who enter the realm, though they welcome the Corax and others who worship Helios. Any surface within Helios’s realm is too hot to stand or remain near for too long. Only flying spirits enter this area of the Deep Umbra, and travelers without the ability to fly burn up in the fire before they have a chance to realize their mistake.

There is a legend going around the Garou regarding an insane Shadow Lord known as the Nightmaster, who strides with impunity across the Abyss, destroying what he finds or recruiting it into his growing army. He is empowered by the Abyss but unable to depart. Some Garou worry that he found the secret he desired and now waits for the Apocalypse to slay and consume Helios.



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