Helena Taylor is the Tremere regent of the Washington D.C. Chantry.


In her mortal days Helena was a member of the Order of Hermes, but she was eventually initiated into Clan Tremere. To this date, Helena is a well entrenched part of the Elysium culture in Washington D.C. and the unofficial leader of the city Harpies.

Advocating strong ties to humanity and strengthening the fragile Masquerade within the city, she has many supporters and some would like to see her as Prince. She has contacts among the NSA and is an influential lobbyist, something that she uses to hide supernatural evidence.

Helena is an ivory-skinned beauty with thick black hair and deep green eyes. She is 5'10" and loves to wear long flowing dresses and heels. She drives a black Jaguar and has a taste for jewels. 

Her fate following the Sabbat assault on the city in 1999 is unknown.

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