The ancient Egyptian word for magic was Hekau --- which means literally "words of power." Most tem-akh learned at least some basic charms of protection during their lives in ancient Egypt, and the Undying return to life at the hands of cults possessing great arcane knowledge.

Learning HekauEdit

The six paths of Hekau divide the occult praxes of Isis, Thoth and millennia of sorcerers into distinct magical sciences. A truly puissant magician will eventually gain knowledge of every art, but most of the young Reborn struggle to recapture even a fraction of the glory that built mighty Egypt. Each mummy finds that a certain path comes more naturally to her ancient soul fragment, whether due to old memories or instinctual bent. There are two main kinds of magic within each Path: spells (instant effects) and rituals (prolonged and more lasting and powerful enchantments). A Reborn requires a moderate amount of time to learn a new Path — the philosophical underpinnings and the new and alien means of thinking can be fairly difficult to grasp — but it's a relatively simple matter to advance along a path you already know. Additionally, it's far easier to learn under the tutelage of one who already has the knowledge you seek than it is to puzzle it out for yourself through research and study.

Additionally, a path of Hekau represents the authority that the mummy gains over creation due to the acquisition of mystical knowledge and adherence to the cause of Balance. The Judges of Ma'at punish those who come before them after having strayed from the path of Ma'at. Mummies use Sekhem to fuel their Hekau techniques.


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