The Heavenly Flower Garden is a an umbral realm (likely located in the Yang World) that features prominently in the mythology of the Wu-Keng.


The Heavenly Flower Garden is described as the home of the gods. Within it, the souls of the dead were cultivated as flowers and eventually blossomed into a new body, while the souls of the living were represented as flowers in full bloom. Here, the old shamans courted them with songs and poetry until they were accepted as their servants on earth. This travel was referred to as the Chan Fa, in which the Wu-Keng not only divined new births, but also to communicate with the spirits of deceased loved ones.

With the begin of the practice of the Juk Ak, the Wu-Keng lost their ability to reach the realm, since they were no longer allowed to practice Spirit. It is unknown if it is still reachable.

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