I don't care - My life felt meaningless until that night when you saved me. . . I'd die for you. . .
  — Heather Poe

Heather: While you were gone, I tapped my foot over three thousand times. I-I don't know why I counted... huh.

Malkavian protagonist:Now we know how many foot taps it takes to make me appear. Wonderful.

Heather Poe is a young woman who the player may come across and become involved with over the events of the game. She has the potential to become the player character's ghoul.


Heather is a young fashion design student living in Los Angeles with her grandmother and attending college there, though it isn't her hometown. Her parents died in a car crash before the game started. It can be assumed that she was the only surviving victim of that same car crash which result in her start in the game.

She can be found, in critical condition, in the operation room in the Santa Monica Medical Clinic. If the player character engaged in conversation with Knoxx previously, the option of saving the girl by offering vampire blood to her will be enabled. If this scene doesn't happen before the completion of the Elizabeth Dane quest, she will die from her wounds.

If saved, Heather shows up a few nights later, thanking the player character on the street for saving her life. The player character has the option of letting her live in the haven or freeing her from the blood bond she acquired.


At some point, she will have a symbolic dream about dying. If you talk to her before inspecting the tower, after it's attacked and debris in the street, you can release her. If you don't release her in any version of the official or regular unofficial patches, she will die at the hands of the Sabbat as part of the story.

If you do have the plus version of the unofficial patches, she will be spared from her story related death.


  • If the fledgling reveal yourself as a vampire after feeding her blood (thus turning her into a ghoul), she will call security.
  • Heather's official diagnosis can be found on Malcolm's computer in the medical clinic. According to the file she had ruptured organs, lacerations, and internal bleeding. Her condition was listed as critical.
  • If the fledgling is a Malkavian, Heather will eventually pick up on their strange cadence of speaking and imitate it.
  • If one made the choice to save Heather and denied her request on staying with the fledgling on living at his/her haven, she will sneak into the player's apartment and desperately beg to be taken in.
  • The song "Smaller God" could be interpreted as the theme of Heather's relationship with the Protagonist.


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