Heather is a Seelie Boggan Wilder and denizen of Graymere Glen.

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Heather is the child of two Kithain who took up residence in Cornwall as the owners of a restaurant and gradually succumbed to Banality; letting all the dreams of their wilder days and mad excursions vanish. Heather, a precocious child, helped around the restaurant from the time she was barely old enough to walk and gradually discovered in herself a stunning talent for cooking and baking. She also had much of the wildness that had marked her parents' younger days and, daily, they smiled to see it.

Part of that wildness took the form of day trips and rambles in the local woods and these inevitably led her to the ruins of Dudleytown. She was 9 when she saw her first Schnorrfler; just old enough to doubt what her eyes told her, and her experiences of the Dreaming were spotty and infrequent for years. It wasn't until she quit college, came home, and spend a gourmet bakery out of her parent's back kitchen that she began to accept the possibilities of what she saw way back when.

Heather's role in the dynamics of Dudleytown is ambiguous at best. Everyone loves her, even Jeremiah, but at times they all wish she'd go away and mother someone else. Still it's Heather that Lady Sascha turns to for council on delicate matters. Heather watches the romance blossoming between Lady Sascha and Sir Denis with a matchmaker's delight, though she had nothing to do with it, and is completely taken in by Denis' charm. She despairs of Ignatz, due partly to fact that he calls her "Flat Janis." She never turns up at the glen without at least one large batch of cookies.

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More of an "earth big sister" than an "earth mother," Heather is a radiantly cheerful, earth-tones kind of fae. Not an inch over five feet, she still manages to give an image of rock-solid strength. Just a little over 170 lbs., she refuses to bow to the winds of fashion and generally wears a well-worn apron reading "Someone's Cooking Now." Ignatz calls her "What Janis would look like of someone stepped on her," and it's hard to dispute. Her fae mien is even shorter and rounder, emphasizing the strength of her hands and the laughter in her eyes. Jeremiah says her coke-bottle glasses have been spot-welded to the back of her head and he's got the bruises to prove he tried to check the theory.

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