The psychokinetic fires a burst of super-heated air at the subject. The blistering heat ripples visibly from the psion to his target, and can cause sudden burns and dehydration in living targets, or can ruin data-storage media. This power actually has a few beneficial applications, as well; the psychokinetic can dehydrate food for easy travel, or can dry out a wet piece of equipment with the proper control.


When this power is used against living targets, spend one point and roll Psi. If the roll is successful, your character locks onto his target, and the extreme heat inflicts a bashing damage Dice Pool equal to his Pyrokinesis score. You may add one die to the damage effect for every success achieved on the Psi roll.

Heatburn ignores any armor except those defenses (such as environmental suits or Flame Immunity) that specifically resist such attacks. Beyond being subject to the effects of extreme heat, living targets may be subject to the effects of dazing and unconsciousness (refer to Maneuver Complications, page 246). Heatburn is handled somewhat differently when used against electronic devices. Spend one Psi and roll, as above. However, this is a resisted action against the device’s fail safe rating (if any). Each extra success on your roll equals a dot reduced permanently From the device’s system due to intense heat damage. A standard roll is usually enough to wipe an unprotected disk‘s data storage. Your character may affect a target at a range of up to 10 times his Psi rating in meters. At four dots in Pyrokinesis, your character may affect a number of targets equal to his Psi score, simultaneously (if they're within range). Each target's roll and the results are resolved individually against your single roll.

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