Havens of the Damned is a sourcebook for Vampire: the Masquerade featuring the vampiric refuges of the World of Darkness.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Where the Undead Stay
Almost every Kindred has a haven, and those who don't are a sorry lot indeed. From a princes sprawling estate to the steam-tunnel nest of a Nosferatu, havens say much about their owners. This collection of unique havens looks at the specific needs of the Kindred who maintain them and gives advice for how to incorporate them into a story.
Havens of the Damned includes:
  • A folio of interesting havens that characterize the Cainites who dwell within
  • Tips for Storytellers and players on how to use their characters’' havens in stories
  • The new Background: Haven, which helps quantify this unique and indispensable resource



Winchester Mystery HouseEdit

A Real Fixer-UpperEdit

The LocalEdit

The Glass HouseEdit

Downstairs DowntownEdit

The House of StormsEdit

Guardian Lakes Country ClubEdit

The Elevator and the ArrowEdit

Zatopek FarmsEdit

The Legend of Sensual SecretsEdit

The VenetianEdit

Gatekeeper's HoldEdit

The House that Fear BuiltEdit

CVN-70 USS Carl VinsonEdit

Chattanooga Recreational CenterEdit

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