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Haunters are one of the original five Shades that appeared in Orpheus. They specialize in manipulating inanimate objects and technology. As in all shades, Haunters have four tiers of Horrors at their disposal.

Haunters tend to be roamers and loners, always drifting into situations that suit them the best. Many were betrayed or abandoned at some point in their life, making it more difficult for them to become close to people They remain detached from human contact and instead focus their emotions on things, such as cars, art, or even an abstract concept. Loner, Rebel, and Thrill-Seeker are examples of typical Haunter Natures.

Because of their detachment from people, Haunters are not well-suited to the more emotion-based Horrors of the Banshees. Therefore, Haunters are banned from taking Banshee Horrors.

Haunter Horrors have many things in common with the Arcanos Inhabit from Wraith: The Oblivion.

Horrors Edit

First-TierInhabit: This ability allows a Haunter to merge with an inanimate object of their choice and gain complete and total control over it.

Second-TierWitch’s Nimbus: A Haunter can generate fire or bolts of electrical energy to damage a target.

Third-TierBroadband Ghost: Using this ability, a Haunter can turn themselves into energy. They can then travel through wiring, speak through televisions, or manipulate devices in other, similar ways.

Fourth-TierHell on Wheels: This allows a Haunter to physically transform himself into a large motorized vehicle, which can be further improved depending on how much Vitality is used.

Crucible HorrorEscher’s Corkscrew: By combining their power, a group of Haunters can completely possess a building and mess with the conditions inside, such as temperature, gravity, or the actual structure.

Manifestation Forms Edit

Zero Vitality: May only manifest in refective surfaces, such as mirrors or windows.

One Vitality: Appears with a caul clinging to them, obscuring their features.

Two Vitality: Fully human, but appears generally unhealthy.


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