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Hatshepsut was a ruling Pharaoh of Egypt in the fifteenth century BCE, who became a powerful mummy.


In 1500 BCE, Hatshepsut and her co-ruler Thothmes III called together mages from all parts of the known world to their court to share their wisdom. Together they founded two mystical orders, the Cupbearers of Aset and the Reed of Djehuty, based on the Nine Cornerstones of Creation.[1]

Hatshepsut was also initiated into the Osirian League by Anpu, who had devised the Rite of the Sun-King but needed someone to dedicate their entire existence to maintaining its power from the Underworld. Hatshepsut's focus and dedication caught Anpu's attention, and he groomed her for the job from the moment she was declared pharaoh.[2]

Death and Resurrection

At the end of her life, Hatshepsut was subjected to the Spell of Life, becoming one of the Shemsu-Heru. She was then made the focus of the Rite of the Sun King, and her physical body was buried in a luxurious mausoleum and guarded by the Disciples of Anubis. Unlike the other mummies, Hatshepsut remained at all times in Amenti instead of resurrecting, and she devoted herself to maintaining the Rite of the Sun King for over three thousand years.[2]

In 1999, the Sixth Great Maelstrom tore through Amenti, and Osiris himself returned to the Web of Faith. Hatshepsut's soul was violently reunited with her body, awakening her and, in the process, destroying the Rite of the Sun-King. After so many centuries existing only as a spirit, Hatshepsut found being alive disorienting and spends much of her time in a fugue state. The modern-day Disciples of Anubis protect and care for her in hopes of re-establishing the Rite before the Followers of Set can gain a proper foothold in Egypt.[2]


For the historical figure, see Hatshepsut.