Hatar is one of the three aspects of the Ananasi. The Tenere aspect produces werespiders attuned with the Wyrm.


The Hatar are dedicated to the original aspect of their facet of the Triat – the Destroyer Wyrm, rather than the Corruptor. They believe that the Wyrm itself has been corrupted by its imprisonment by the Weaver, and that in order to fulfill its true place in the Triat, it must be freed and returned to its original role. Living embodiments of the tenet that the “center cannot hold,” Hatar are the Unweavers of the Ananasi. Whether physical or esoteric, their duties focus on breaking down that which stands in the way of Symmetry, under the command of the Queen Mother.


Aspect GiftsEdit

• Blood of Pain (Level One)
• Wyrmling Kinship (Level One)
• Blood of Illusion (Level Two)
• Call of the Wyrm (Level Two)
• Corrupt (Level Three)
• Pulse of the Invisible (Level Three)
• Ill Winds (Level Four)
• Still Blood (Level Four)
• Burning Blood (Level Five)


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