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Harpies are the opinion leaders and the trend-setters to whom other Kindred look when it comes to matters of taste, style, philosophy, or politics.

Role Description

A Harpy’s word influences the domain’s attitudes and can be a powerful supporter of the status quo or a force for insidious change. Harpies are rarely appointed directly (and Kindred rarely trust those who are). Instead, a Harpy paradoxically becomes so by acting as a Harpy. The Harpy’s role is often intertwined with domain politics, and it is a bold or foolish Prince who neglects those vampires who represent the cutting edge of popular opinion in his domain.

Vampires assuming the role of a Harpy are both feared and trusted. Trusted as they are the official recorders of debts owed, status gained and can serve as diplomats or envoys to other domains, and feared as they are unusually aware of dirty little secrets, crimes committed in other cities, and, if they have a mind to, are able to raise a Kindred to the heights of legend or to destroy their reputation forever.

Harpies are generally from the Toreador clan but some have chosen the Brujah or other clans to hold the station. Harpies communicate with other through various secret channels. As such it is a very bad idea to cross a Harpy for all Domains will hear of it soon after.

Harpies consider themselves to be the "voice of society" and can be quite brutal with their comments. Newcomers to a domain are advised to ensure the Harpy is aware of their arrival so proper arrangements can be made for safely entering the domain. Some Harpies charge the arrivals a "boon" or favour for such assistance but not always.

When dealing with Harpies it is best to remember that they are generally extremely skilled in social skills, quite vain and will always make sure they come out ahead in any deal. Treat them with respect, keep your business short, leave them in peace and you may end your visit to an Elysium without too much trouble waiting for you on your return home.


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