Haroun el-La'il was an important, if controversial, figure in the Ashirra that first inspired moderacy within the sect.


A wealthy individual well known within the Cainite society of the Middle East, Haroun traveled to Cairo during the Golden Age of Islam, hoping to converse with scholars and his fellow Ashirra over the nature of Islam. He created an uproar when he challenged the traditional interpretation of the Sawm, the religious fasting duty. As Haroun reminded, the Qu'ran only forbid the consumption of food during the daylight. As vampires rose in the night, they had already fulfilled this part of their religious obligation and were not required to abstain from vitae.

Haroun was the first influential elder within the Ashirra to challenge Islamic dogma and remains a controversial figure in sect history even in the Final Nights. Some see him as the father of modernism within the sect, others as a stain on the fabric of the faith itself.


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