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Harlequin is an Unseelie Sidhe Wilder of House Liam in Concordia.


Harlequin Liam.png

It's incredibly egotistical to name yourself after an archetype and everyone (including him) knows it. But Harlequin doesn't care. He thinks it impolite to point fingers at him, though, and what sidhe tolerates impoliteness? Not he. Surely those who slur his good name must be made into mockeries themselves...

He wants to be the heart and soul of the Midnight Mummers and believes that flamboyance and charm are the best way to accomplish his goal. It's not his fault that few take him seriously, but he still feels the sting. Thus, he is driven to more outrageous actions in hopes of shaking his reputation, which, of course, cements it only more strongly. The ironic result is that he's better known (and feared) outside the house than within. It's rumored in the Kingdom of Concordia that he is the leader of the Mummers and that the Beltaine Blade has put a substantial price on his head. Harlequin loves hearing this; it's another reason for him to be even more outrageous.

His mother, the Countess Giancotta, is very worried about her son. He gave up listening to her some time ago and her influence in Concordia is limited, as she is of Duke Gwilliam's nobility. The countess may soon attempt to involve others in her efforts to curb her son.


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