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The Harbingers of Ashur are a bloodline of Clan Hecata, comprising of Cappadocian remnants and the Harbingers of Skulls who came together at the Family Reunion, taking the name of the Ashur, long believed to have been Cappadocius himself.

No longer truly one or the other, they represent a synthesis of what they both were before and have been in the centuries since the Giovanni usurped the Clan of Death, and hunted them to near extinction. Still, some who continue to style themselves strictly as Cappadocians have begun to find themselves chafing at these new ties, entertaining the possibility of defecting to the Camarilla outright now that they are no longer inherent fugitives.

Bloodline Abilities (V5)

As a member of Clan Hecata, a Harbinger of Ashur can purchase the following skills:

  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png The Ashen Mask: The Harbinger has a corpse for a Touchstone that they study. It is damaged only when someone besides themselves interferes with the corpse or causes it to become putrefied beyond recognition.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png The Gold Mask: The Harbinger can conceal their actions and those of their coterie, gaining the equivalent of 4 dots of Influence when attempting to cover up a death.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png The White Mask: The Harbinger is highly respected in their bloodline, and gets three dice to any social roll against another Harbinger, and two to any social roll against any other Hecata.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.png The Obsidian Mask: The Harbinger is not really a Kindred but a wraith inhabiting a Kindred's body. Learning Oblivion Ceremonies may be done so without a teacher for them, and they receive two dice to resist control effects (e.g. via Dominate), but at the cost of being vulnerable to Oblivion Ceremonies, taking a two-dice penalty towards resisting control effects over their ghostly self.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.png The Lazarene Mask: The Harbinger understands that the true agenda of the Harbingers of Skulls was not to eliminate the Giovanni, but all those in the Clan of Death. The Harbinger receives no Stains for killing other Hecata or their servants.


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