Hannibal was a legendary Brujah warlord who was Embraced by Troile.


Roman parents would frighten their children by telling them, Hannibal ante portas ("Hannibal is at the gates") during the Second Punic War.

Rumors persist that he was Embraced by the Brujah methuselah Troile in Carthage, but it remains unknown if he survived the destruction of the city or perished with it. Some even question if there was a Hannibal


Hannibal was a fairly common name among the Carthaginians, with the most famous bearer being Hannibal Barca. It is unknown if the Brujah methuselah is this famous Hannibal or an earlier person with the same name. Cainite scholars like Katherine of Montpellier think that Hannibal Barca chose to end his own life with poison, but how much weight such subjective views have is uncertain.[1]


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