Hannah Glazer lived in the sixth floor of the Skyeline Apartments in downtown Los Angeles.

Hannah worked as a specialty escort, with clients all over the LA area, including Arthur Kilpatrick ("Remember to bring the handcuffs and the orange jumpsuit, as he likes to play 'Lock Down at the Women's Prison'"), Vandal Cleaver ("Bring pliers and the blowtorch"), David Hatter ("He likes that weird umbrella and water balloon thing"), and Simon Milligan.

Hannah had recently started dating Paul Anderson, a ghoul who lived in the apartment below hers, when she met a new client, Jezebel Locke. Jezebel infected Hannah with the Ninth Circle disease, which she then passed on to Paul. Both died as a result.

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  • Although there's a real actress by the name of Hannah Glazer, her earliest performance was 2016, so it's unlikely she was intentionally referenced by the Bloodlines team. Hannah Glazer appears to be a relatively common name, so this was probably a coincidence.

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