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Hanna, most likely now a Seelie Grump, is a Nocker welder in the Freehold of the Forge and leader of the Mothers of Morann.



When High Lord Donovan returned to the Freehold of the Forge to take control of it from the creature he thought was his old friend Morann, he had no idea of into what he was walking. Fortunately Hanna was there.

Hanna and the other Mothers had long suspected that the creature Grand Master Cranad had put forth as head of House Dougal was not in fact the real Morann but a simulacra impostor. When Donovan entered the great hall of the Freehold, Cranad and the False Morann began to speak out against the Sidhe lord but Hanna interrupted him, telling the massed journeymen, apprentices, and masters of her fears.

Enraged, the False Morann attacked her and High Lord Donovan came to her aid. In the resulting scuffle and re-swearing of oaths to Donovan, Cranad and the Simulacra escaped.


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