Hanifa bint Nasir ar-Rashid was a Brujah of the 8th generation.


Born a modest daughter of a scribe in Aleppo, Hanifa's life was shattered when the Greeks invaded her homeland in 962 CE. Hanifa's family was slaughtered and she was taken as a slave and whore by the soldiers. She managed to escape after a night of heavy drinking among the soldiers and avenged herself by killing several sleeping Greeks, including those who had violated her.

When she went to the ruins of her former house, she plunged a knife into her chest to commit suicide. An Islamic Brujah who had witnessed her deeds and was convinced that her determination could be of further use against the infidels granted her the Embrace. He introduced her into the Ashirra and taught her the ways of war. When the Crusades came, Hanifa saw it as her calling to defend her people and protecting their holy sites, but was willing to reason with any Cainite who desired a truce.

Over the years, however, she became absent-minded and eventually entered torpor. She awoke in 1917, during the Arab Revolt, and joined to defend her home against the Turks. She was eventually destroyed by a hired Assamite during the conflict.

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