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Handbook for the Recently Deceased
Author: Richard Dansky
Developed By: Richard Dansky
Line Developer Matthew Dawkins
Editor: Maria Cambone
Creative Director: Richard Thomas
Art Director: Michael Chaney
Interior Art: Michael Gaydos
Cover Art: Michael Gaydos
Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Bruce Baugh and Lillian Cohen-Moore for feedback during the writing process.


For all the players who ever wondered "What happens now..."

Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 2018
Pages: 45
Publication #:
Reference #:
Online: Bullet-rpg
Price: Print: $4.99
PDF: $1.99

Handbook for the Recently Deceased is the first release of the Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition product line.


It’s a big afterlife. What are you going to do in it?
Handbook for the Recently Deceased is a guide for those who are new to the Underworld - players, Shadowguides, and Storytellers alike. It offers advice on how to handle new players, new wraiths, and new chronicles, all with an eye towards the inexperienced at being restless dead.
From the first words of the Shadow, to the first Harrowing, to the first time a player asks, "What do we do now?" the Handbook has the answers. Let it be your guide to the Underworld as you set foot in the Shadowlands for what could be the first time.
Handbook for the Recently Deceased includes:


Part One: Playing the Recently DeceasedEdit

Part Two: The New ShadowEdit

Part Three: Storytelling for the Recently DeceasedEdit

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