The Hand of Thoth is a secret institution among the Undying, dedicated on wiping out all mummies who didn't received the New Spell of Life, save those protected by the decree of Horus himself.


Originally charged by Horus with hunting down lesser Bane mummies, the Hand has since changed its mission. Charged with an excess of zeal, it now relentlessly pursues anyone who might be seen as an enemy of Horus, and it's the eldest members of the Hand who decide who those enemies might be. Usually, Cabiri and Ishmaelites, the apostates of the Wat Hor, fall into this category, even when some of the leaders prefer to capture these mummies and re-educate them to serve Horus and to accept the new blessings of the Amenti in order to join the battle against the Corrupter, rather than continuing the half-dead existence that they had to endure so long.

Members operate in groups of three to seven. When they found track of a potential victim, they hunt it relentlessly even through death with a zeal that is only invigorated when their victim has fallen to the lure of Apophis.

Relations with the other DynastiesEdit

Oddly enough, the Hand of Thoth's xenophobia toward other Reborn doesn't extend to the Capacocha. Regarding their American cousins as sufficiently "other" to be outside their purview, the leaders of the Hand of Thoth have struck up a curious alliance with the Intimallki, and with the vengefully genocidal Hand of the Eclipsed Sun in particular. The two have set up a loose détente that involves sharing information and resources, as well as occasionally working together on operations deemed to be of mutual benefit. While there's still much mutual suspicion between the two groups, there's a grudging and growing respect as well. In the end, their shared obsessions could ultimately bridge the gap between the Amenti and the Teomallki, rather than the Unbound Scroll's diplomacy.


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