For the Discipline from Vampire: The Requiem, see Hamartiaphage.

A Hamartia is a hole within the soul, a missed opportunity, a failure, a tragic weakness that scars the soul and makes the mortal susceptible to creatures from beyond to creep within.


It represents a reason a person has not had a happy life and is (or was) unable to achieve her dreams.

The term is usually used among the Amenti, whose tem-akh search for such mortals they can repair. However, the Fallen search for similar scarred mortals to possess. While during the creation of an immortal the original soul is not harmed, the possession from a Demon results in being consumed utterly and being replaced by a fallen angel.


"Hamartia" is also the original Greek word which is translated "sin" into English from the manuscripts comprising the New Testament of Christianity.

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