Author: James Estes
Development: Phil Brucato
Editing: Laura Perkinson
Art Direction: Chris McDonough
Art: Mike Chaney, Brent Tramell, Robert McNeil, Rick Emond
Front Cover Art: Terese Nielson
Back Cover Art: Ash Arnett
Front & Back Cover Design: Chris McDonough
Maps: John E. Park
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1995
Pages: 111
Publication #: WW 04009
Online: Bullet-rpg
Reference #: 1-56504-431-2
Price: PDF: $12.00

Halls of the Arcanum is a supplement for Mage: The Ascension that reveals the secrets of the Arcanum, who delve into the secrets of darkness for purposes known only to themselves. It is part of the Year of the Hunter product line theme.


From the White Wolf catalog:

We watch the shadows cast upon the walls...
Eccentric scholar or visionary mystics? Harmless seekers of ancient lore, or delvers into forbidden mysteries? Who are the detectives of the Arcanum and what do they seek? Wherever the werewolf howls, the demon corrupts, or the vampire feeds, there the Arcanum can be found: its members are poets, dreamers, philosophers – anyone who has seen beyond the veil. Their motivations hidden, they are an enigma, with much to teach the World of Darkness...and much to learn.



The short story "Fragments From a Diary of an Unnamed Scholar".


Notes on how to use this book.

Book I: The Neophyte's GuidebookEdit

Chapter One: The Way of the PilgrimEdit

An introduction to the Arcanum and its hierarchy, as well as how to join.

Chapter Two: The Darkling RoadEdit

The history of the Arcanum, from its beginnings over a century ago to present day, as well as their views on the supernatural world.

Chapter Three: Through a Glass, DarklyEdit

Types of Arcanum members, notes on their spreading geographical range, and the initiation practices.

Book II: The Journeyman's GuidebookEdit

Chapter Four: Character CreationEdit

How to create an Arcanum-based character for Mage: The Ascension.

Chapter Five: Travelers on the RoadEdit

Sample characters and important members of the Arcanum

Book III: The Mystagogue's GuidebookEdit

Chapter Six: Behind the VeilEdit

The secrets of the Arcanum, as well as campaign suggestions.

Appendix One: AlchemyEdit

The history and practice of alchemy as it relates to Mage: The Ascension.

Appendix Two: ArtifactsEdit

Special Arcanum artifacts to be discovered, used, and abused.

Background InformationEdit

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Arcanum (WOD), Elder Brother, Journeyman, Neophyte (MTAs), Numina (WOD)

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