Half-Damned: Dhampyr is a supplement for Kindred of the East describing the mortal offspring of Kuei-Jin, referred to variously as Shade Walkers, Twilight Children and dhampyrs.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
The Children of the Living and the Dead
They are born with the torment of Yomi in their veins and the hatred of the living as their birthright. They are destined to be servants to those who should call them kin, and monsters to those who should embrace them. But they will not be denied their birthright.
Their Age Is Here
What does it take to be one of the mortal children of the walking dead? The answers are in this book, from character generation to the final fates of the dhampyri. If you want to include the children of the Kuei-jin in your Kindred of the East chronicle, Half-Damned: Dhampyri is invaluable. And if you don't, remember, they don't like being left out - of anything.


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Chapter Three: Children of the Ten Thousand DemonsEdit

Appendix: Twilight WarriorsEdit

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Changeling: The Dreaming Nunnehi Totems

Birch · Cottonwood · Dogwood · Fir · Fireweed · Granite · Ice · Magnolia · Maize · Saguaro Cactus · Sandstone · Tobacco · Whitewater · Willow


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