Hakahe is the Incarna of Vulcan, and is credited with forging the souls of newborn Garou. Modern scientists and other humans have stopped believing in Vulcan, the planet closer to the sun than Mercury.


Overview Edit

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As TotemEdit

It's very rare for Hakahe to serve as a pack totem, and even rarer for him to patronize a pack without at least one Uktena among them. Nonetheless, the Ebon Whisperer will once in a great while lend his favor to a pack that seeks him out and beseeches his guidance.

Traits & BanEdit

  • Background Cost: 7


Hakahe grants his packs an additional three dice on Crafts and Repair rolls, and teaches his children the Gift: Reshape Object. All Occult rolls made by pack members are at -2 difficulty.


Children of Hakahe must work to build things importance among human communities, the better to teach humans to build rather than destroy.


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