The Hajj are a group (sometimes referred to as a bloodline) of Nosferatu affiliated with the Ashirra. They see themselves as the guardians of the holy sites of Islam.


By and large, the Hajj are descendants of the Nosferatu of the Arabian Peninsula. Their founder was Tarique al-Hajj, from whom all known Hajj are descended who took up residence in Mecca to protect the Kha'ba. Another great concentration of them can be found in places of similar importance to Islam, like Cairo. Most are hostile to all "infidels", with special hatred to members of their own Clan who refused to convert.

The Hajj, as they are the stewards of the Keening, wield tremendous influence among the Ashirra. The fact that they are able to withstand the power of True Faith in the area around Mecca through their own devotion makes them likewise renowned and feared. However, due to their exalted status, next to no Hajj ever leave the sphere of influence of Islam.


While the Hajj are not a bloodline in the sense that they have different disciplines than the main Clan, it is custom among them to eschew their bloodborn gifts and focus on Auspex, Presence, and Sihr (a specialized form of blood magic) instead. The added difficulty is seen as a pleasant challenge to prove one's faith.

In contrast to most Western Nosferatu, the Hajj believe that their Clan Curse is instead a blessing of Allah, used to strike terror into the heart of the infidels. Many bear their burn marks from True Faith with pride, as a sign of humility before Allah.

Only male Nosferatu of sufficient age can be inducted into the Hajj. While the divide in their denomination is not as sharp as it is among mortal Muslims, the majority of the Arabian Hajj has remained Shi'ite while those in Egypt are predominantly Sunni.


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