The Hajj is the pilgrimage into the Lands of Faith of a mortal possessed by a tem-akh, but not yet turned into a mummy.


When a tem-akh and a mortal soul join, the process is often traumatic for the mortal consciousness' which rolls into psychic hibernation when the combined spirit repossesses the body. The tem-akh has control over the body and turns towards the Lands of Faith in order to receive the Spell of Life. The journey, called the Hajj, has to be completed in 70 days, otherwise, the Spell of Life cannot be cast.

During the travels, the mortal and the tem-akh come to find an equilibrium, as the mortal soul comes to term with the memories of the tem-akh and its own death; while the tem-akh acclimates to the modern world. During the Hajj, a mummy is vulnerable to numerous enemies, since it appears to be a walking corpse without a pulse and, sometimes, gashing bloodless wounds. This sparks the interest of Hunters and similar groups that want to make sure that the dead remain dead. Other enemies are servants of Apophis, who seek to strike against mummies before they become immortal.


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